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Theatre Agora; Theatre Agora;

Theatre Agora, Lelystad

Lighting concept for sculptural theatre building

The architectural design of the Theatre Agora is made up of kaleidoscopic forms and diamond structures. Light falling on the various surfaces suggest constantly-changing colours and forms. The colour schemes are inspired by photographs of the sky taken around sunset and in daytime.

Geometric sculpture

Arup’s scope included exterior and interior lighting design. The lighting concept subtely emphasises the architectural shape without drawing attention away from it.

The irregular shape of the vertical foyer is the most important light element, swinging through the entire building and connecting all floors.

Interior lighting radiates to the outside, creating a glowing geometric sculpture at night. On the building’s exterior, lighting is used to highlight geometric elements of the façade.

Light fittings, integrated in the architecture designed by UNStudio, do the building’s diamond structure justice.