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Tishman Speyer Global Sustainability Reporting,

Creating engaging sustainability reporting for Tishman Speyer

The value of sustainability reporting cannot be underestimated in demonstrating the impacts of sustainability programmes to key stakeholders. When Tishman Speyer approached Arup to explore new ways of engaging with their key internal and external audiences, Arup’s sustainability experts worked in collaboration with the firm to deliver effective and compelling reporting that communicates their sustainability commitments and performance to their tenants, investors and stakeholders.

A spotlight on sustainability

Tishman Speyer owns and manages some of the world’s most iconic, recognisable and prestigious buildings, including the Rockefeller Centre in New York, TaunusTurm in Frankfurt, Torre Norte in Sao Paulo, The Springs in Shanghai and The Franklin Center in Chicago.

Their approach to asset management is underpinned by sustainability practices and Arup’s role was to bring the sustainability story behind their buildings to the forefront. We have worked with Tishman Speyer on a series of online case studies to showcase the sustainability credentials of their property portfolio, and have designed their global corporate sustainability report since 2014. Our technical understanding of critical issues such as climate change, carbon management, energy, health and wellbeing, and international standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), enable us to frame their reports effectively, highlight good practice and strengthen their sustainability credentials.

Project Summary

4 global reports commissioned to date

>6years of collaboration

Combining technical and creative thinking

Clarity is key to successful reporting. To enable Tishman Speyer to effectively communicate their sustainability priorities and outcomes, we combined our technical experience in sustainability with our communications and graphic design expertise. The sustainability reports we created for Tishman Speyer have embraced digital, including interactive imagery and embedded videos; it marks a step-change in their reporting format and ensures the information is accessible and inclusive.

Engaging communications is only part of the story

We are continuously collaborating with Tishman Speyer, sharing our experience and knowledge of current and future sustainability trends to help the firm improve the quality and completeness of their disclosures on environmental, social and governance issues. This helps to clarify priorities and objectives on key sustainability topics, as well as helping measure progress.

Tishman Speyer digital sustainability report Tishman Speyer digital sustainability report
The new-look sustainability report has led Tishman Speyer to explore new ways of communicating with their tenants, investors and stakeholders. It has also served as a crucial marketing piece to promote their properties to potential new customers.

Bringing data to life

Data collection and analysis across environmental, social, and governance indicators was a crucial part of the project. Throughout the data collection process, we aligned with principles of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the independent sustainability reporting body. Once reviewed, the data was used to create a series of infographics and demonstrate progress against objectives, material topics and significant themes.

Helping set the agenda

A materiality review underpinned this process, including consideration of tenant and investor surveys, market trends, and peer benchmarking on sustainability issues. From this study, we worked with Tishman Speyer to identify and prioritise the material issues, which were subsequently mapped to the UN’s global Sustainable Development Goals. As well as feeding into their latest sustainability report, this work set the agenda for future action and sustainability reporting. 

A clear view of sustainability

In collaboration with Tishman Speyer, we have simplified their sustainability reporting through eye-catching design and clear, comprehensive content. The reports and case studies demonstrate the environmental and social outcomes of sustainability initiatives and have brought technical information to life.

We continue to work with Tishman Speyer to help communicate their sustainability initiatives.

Arup has been a fantastic partner over the last six years in helping Tishman Speyer tell the story of our Sustainability and ESG strategies and successes.
We value their flexibility of approach, availability of technical resource and expertise in visual communications and their ability to respond to ad hoc requests. ” Jonathan Flaherty Senior Director, Sustainability and Utilities, Tishman Speyer