Hero image Torre Allianz; Hero image Torre Allianz;

Torre Allianz, Milan

Engineering Isozaki's Torre Allianz - Italy's tallest building

The Isozaki tower in the old fair area in Milan, now known as the “CityLife development”, is the tallest building in Italy with a total height above street level of 207.20m. 

The building includes 46 levels for office use, three service levels and a double-height lobby directly connected to the surrounding shopping mall and the new underground metro station. 

Arup carried out façade engineering, geotechnics, seismic designstructural engineering and wind engineering for this building designed for LEED certification at gold level.

The concept is based on the overall lightness of the design, from the high transparency of the façade to the slender composite structure.

In order to enhance the slenderness of the structural elements, the building has four external steel props connected to high-tech viscous dampers. These elements allow the movement of the building under strong wind conditions to be controlled with a high level of comfort for the occupants. They also reduce the forces of wind on the structure with a further reduction of the dimensions of columns and walls.

The top quality and high-tech solutions of the building are echoed by the scenic glass lifts which allow vertical movement within the tower at 7m/s.