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Front view of Torre de Collserola. Credit: A Verde; Front view of Torre de Collserola. Credit: A Verde;

Torre de Collserola, Barcelona

The tallest structure in Barcelona

Designed to be a symbol of the 1992 Olympic Games, Collserola Tower is the main telecommunications tower in Catalonia.

Located in the Sierra de Collserola, the complex is divided into two parts: the first consists of the tower, which houses the transmission and retransmission antennas, the signal processing equipment, and the public viewing platform on the tower’s 10th floor; the second is the support building, which contains signal generation equipment and main services.

Project Summary

445m above the sea level

288min height


Arup led the structural and foundation design of the telecommunications tower. It consists of a central core made of reinforced concrete from which start three steel trusses and six braces, typical of the broadcasting antennas.

This innovative design was the winner of an architectural competition organised by the city of Barcelona to create a monumental technological element that would operate during the 1992 Olympic Games.

The aim was to create a complex which would form part of Spain's global communications infrastructure, and has managed to become a symbol of the city as it entered the 21st century.