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The spaghetti traffic of Wanchai, Hong Kong. Photo: Marcel Lam; The spaghetti traffic of Wanchai, Hong Kong. Photo: Marcel Lam;

Traffic Surveillance CCTV System, Hong Kong

Traffic surveillance contract by the Hong Kong government

Arup has been appointed by the Hong Kong government’s Transport Department as the design and construction consultant for the closed circuit television (CCTV) system throughout Hong Kong. This is the largest traffic surveillance contract for the government, with more than 400 CCTV cameras, high masts and foundations, central controlling system and communication network throughout the city.

With completion of this project, more than 90% of major roads in the urban area and highways are under the coverage of the Transport Department’s Traffic Control Centre, which is responsible for the real-time monitoring of traffic conditions and handling of traffic incidents. Other government departments concerned include Police, Fire Service Department, Highways Department, etc.

The traffic video and image will also be disseminated to the public via Internet, media and value-added service providers (e.g. 3G mobile phone operators). Some cameras will also be utilised for traffic counting and automatic incident recognition through the use of video detection technology.