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Trans – European Motorway, Edirne – Kınalı; Kınalı – Sakarya

Three roadway projects along the Trans European Motorway at the Turkish side.

The Trans-European Motorway project consists of three roadway projects along the Trans-European Motorway.

Arup was involved in three sections along this route: Çamlıca-Gebze section (44km), Edirne-Kınalı section (155km) and Kınalı-Sakarya section (280km).

The route

The Turkish section of the Trans-European Motorway runs from Edirne near the Bulgarian/Greek border of Istanbul (Thracian Motorway) and then onto the capital city Ankara (Anatolian Motorway).

The Çamlıca Gebze section of the motorway runs eastwards for 44km from the first Bosphorus Bridge. Arup formed a consortium with ENET Engineering and Research of Istanbul for the preliminary and detailed design of highways, structures and interchanges.

The 155 km long Edirne-Kınalı involved preliminary alignment studies. 

The Kınalı-Sakarya supervision project extends from about 80 km west of Istanbul to almost 200 km east of Istanbul. It comprises three sections including the Çamlıca Gebze section. Arup provided alignment studies, structural engineeringtraffic engineering, highway and structural design.