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Transport Infrastructure Ireland,

Getting ready for future road users

We are helping Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) to assess and define options for sustainable future mobility.

Planning for a certain future

TII’s current public and private sector concession toll roads provide them with a significant source of funding. However, some of these contracts and arrangements will expire over the medium term. TII was also interested in understanding how a variety of mobility trends are likely to shape future use, and plan for the likely effects on their budget. We help them to prepare for the future, review options and make evidence-based decisions around future funding and budgeting.

Insights into strategy

Our research focuses on transport funding policy and planning, such as road pricing, pay per use taxation and land value capture, as well as increasing the resilience of Ireland’s transport network; technically, environmentally and financially. The programme includes two years of workshops with government, industry and academic stakeholders, looking at aligning inter-departmental aims and objectives, while developing sustainable funding mechanisms.

To help bring these scenarios to life, we have used digital simulations and run pilot schemes, also factoring in operational considerations such as procurement, business intelligence and data management.

Now more than ever TII need to respond to emerging challenges and opportunities by assessing viable options and pathways to migrate towards more sustainable funding models to promote more sustainable forms of infrastructure and mobility. ” Cathal Masterson Head of Public Tolling, Transport Infrastructure Ireland – TII

The impact

Our work will result in greater foresight for TII into the enterprise risks they face and will provide a sustainable funding strategy for the future of mobility in Ireland. It will also seek to maximise the funding available for transportation infrastructure and other taxation funded sectors, such as health and education. The new strategy will not only provide mutually advantageous benefits to the TII and the Irish Public, but also offer greater transparency and clarity to public stakeholders.

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