Tshwane precinct masterplanning. ; Tshwane precinct masterplanning. ;

Tshwane Automotive City , Tshwane

Development of an integrated inner-city development framework

Arup’s appointment follows the city of Tshwane’s vision to become a leading African capital city of excellence, improving the community by allowing them to prosper in a safe and healthy environment. In order for Tshwane to realise this vision, the project calls for both a macro and a micro level approach.

At a strategic level, we will identify all the systems which will be needed in order to create a sustainable city. At the micro level, we will then do the detailed design for the precincts and an implementation plan.One of the first projects in the country to have urbanism at its heart, it presents an exciting opportunity for the firm to be involved in the complete transformation and regeneration of a city into a sustainable arena that reflects an urban African reality.

It will provide unique opportunities for broader Arup as well, leveraging expertise across the Arup world. It will also allow Arup to demonstrate its renowned multidisciplinary approach, as every discipline that has a reference to city making will be utilised.

Project Summary

2 major landowners

14,8hain area

3kmradius of the future logistics hub


TAC is a spatial and economic development concept that is anchored by significant automotive industry players and supported by transport and logistics infrastructure.  It is characterised by a geographical clustering of industries related to the automotive sector.

One of the aims of TAC is to gain the critical mass to unlock the economic benefits of clustering. This includes tax incentives, preferential utilities rates and efficient movement of goods through consolidated transport investment and provision.

Tshwane Automotive  City – Precinct Plan Phase 3 Tshwane Automotive  City – Precinct Plan Phase 3

The study area, currently has Nissan, Tata, Iveco, Renault and BMW manufacturing plants. Therefore 1 of the 3 priority precincts highlighted was a logistics hub linked directly to the Transnet freight rail line, at the heart of TAC. Improving the logistical efficiencies of the automotive business will encourage existing companies to expand their footprint and attract new investment into the City. 

However, a city also includes the people. Providing efficient and safe public transport modes, along with housing and is as an important offering in TAC. Therefore, the priority here is the transit oriented development node called the community and civic node. 

Precinct Plan

The Precinct Plan builds on the ideas and vision of the Masterplan and translates its intent into implementable project programmes. The precinct vision is based on a mixed use precinct creating a transit oriented development within TAC with a central park.