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Two International finance Centre; Two International finance Centre;

Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong

One of the world's tallest building yet cost-effective

At 88 storeys and a height of 415m, this development is highly prominent on Hong Kong’s waterfront skyline and is one of the top 30 tallest buildings in the world. It had been the world’s third highest when completed. The tower provides a gross floor area of over 180,000m² of grade-A office accommodation.

Arup provided structural, facade, wind and geotechnical engineering services to the project, which has won an array of awards for its innovative and outstanding design, technology and construction.

The landmark building incorporates minimum structure to maximise the panoramic view. The floor framing is such that, on the primary faces, there is a clear 24m span between supporting columns, creating maximum opportunities for unobstructed views from this prominently located tower.

The mega tower was designed to withstand strong typhoons, a major consideration for tall buildings in Hong Kong.

Project Summary

415m one of the iconic tower of the Hong Kong’s waterfront skyline

88 storeysgrade-A office accommodation

61mdiameter cofferdam as part of the foundation system

To accelerate the construction, several innovative technologies were adopted. The tower base was constructed in a 61m-diameter cofferdam, which allowed a programme overlap with the construction of the surrounding five-level basement. The design also allowed for retro-fitting of the outriggers, enabling the self-climbformed core to progress with minimum interruption at outrigger levels. This design saved four to five months for the overall construction programme.


The 2IFC tower set new standards for high rise design post 9/11. We incorporated a system of structural stability which has inherent robustness and redundancy in the event of an extreme load. As a result 2IFC is one of the most resilient buildings in the world." ” Craig Gibbons Craig Gibbons Arup Fellow