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Valeo Lighting Systems Chrzanów, Stroza

French automotive component factory

This new factory for the French automotive component manufacturer Valeo includes 24,000m2 for producing front and rear car lights.

The design carried out by Arup take into account flexibility in the process layout and the future extension of the factory.

The greenfield factory, situated adjacent to the A4 motorway, will employ over 800 people and supply lighting systems for a number of European car manufacturers. The design includes the provision of a higher rate of air change in place, cooler than the outside temperature, providing better comfort conditions to the building occupants.  

The scope of services included full multi-disciplinary engineering design, from structural engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and public health engineering to civil engineering, and contract administration services. 

Cooling aspects

The client´s original brief called for a fixed maximum temperature of 27ºC during the summer months when the outside temperature was above 32ºC.

Arup persuaded the client that the provision of a higher rate of air change, cooler than the outside temperature, would provide better comfort conditions to the building occupants. This is emphasized by directing the ventilation to the occupied spaces rather than cooling the entire open area.

The thermosetting plastic production processes required high reliability of power supply, which was primarily provided by a 2MVA generator.

To increase the usefulness of the generator, it is also used to cover peak electrical loads. The solution required very precise co-ordination of load division between distribution boards and then during the load shedding process in the event of power failure.