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Aerial view of the transfer station. Credit: Arup; Aerial view of the transfer station. Credit: Arup;

West Kowloon Transfer Station, Hong Kong

The largest waste transfer station in Hong Kong

After 15 years of operation, the largest waste transfer station in Hong Kong, West Kowloon Transfer Station (WKTS), needs refurbishment and modification to maintain its operational efficiency and environmental performance.

Located at a reclamation area, the WKTS serves around 2.8 million people in Hong Kong. It also houses a waste grease to biofuel plant, the city’s largest public disposal outlet for grease trap waste generated from the daily operation of restaurants and food processing facilities.

Arup is providing comprehensive detailed design, starting with review of the existing facilities followed by preparation of the process engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, structural engineering and architectural and landscaping design.

Major facilities will be upgraded thoroughly including tipping hall building, waste compaction, high strength wastewater treatment, grease trap waste treatment, ventilation and air-scrubbing systems.

Arup will also improve the solid waste handling and the grease treatment whilst limiting the amount of refurbishment works. Biogas generation and use, biofuel production, ventilation and odour treatment will all be enhanced.