Whitehall Pimlico District Heating, London

Combining two decentralised heating schemes.

There are currently two major district heating (DH) schemes operating in the Westminster area of London. The combined heat and power plant which supplies low-carbon heat to one scheme currently operates inefficiently owing to periods of low heat demand.

The challenge for Arup was to carry out an assessment of the financial and environmental benefits of increasing the base heat load of this scheme by connecting the two networks.

Design, specification and tender

Arup prepared scheme concept designs and technical specifications for the interconnection and supported Westminster City Council through a successful public procurement process.

The firm produced tender documents under two separate design and build contracts, covering district heating pipework services and plantroom mechanical and electrical works. These covered materials and workmanship, particular requirements and project documentation requirements. Arup subsequently supported Westminster City Council (WCC) through the tender evaluation process.

Benefits in short and medium term

The £3.5m project will deliver benefits in the short and medium term and will allow for the wider expansion of the network in the Victoria area of London, bringing about the economic case for additional combined heat and power plant.