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Yangzhou Minor Qinhuai River revitalisation, Yangzhou

Revitalising the only remaining canal in ancient Yangzhou city

The Minor Qinhuai River is the only remaining canal in Yangzhou, an ancient city in China with a 2,500-year history, suffering from pollution of city sewage and industrial waste.

Now, with an ambitious redevelopment project in mind, the city government is seeking to restore this polluted waterway and revitalise the 2km long river corridor.

In collaboration with Overland Architects, Arup’s integrated landscape, waterenvironmental and transportation teams developed an implementable vision for it: a central open space spine, a cultural tourism destination and a living water recirculation system.

Project Summary

2km long river corridor revitalised

400%increase in the percentage of waterfront activity area

To improve the water quality, we designed riverside pollution cutoffs, storm and sewerage diversions, constructed wetlands and water recycling treatment systems. We also provided three unique hydraulic and water quality management options for the river.