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Yapi Kredi Bank; Yapi Kredi Bank;

Yapi Kredi Bank Operation Centre Complex, Gebze

Largest and award winning bank operation centre in Europe.

Flexible and attractive working environment

Yapi Kredi Bank, one of Türkiye’s largest private banks, established its new operation center in 1997 on a Greenfield site 50km from Istanbul, to provide a attractive and technologically state of-the-art working environment for its staff.

The building is flexible and capable of adapting to the bank’s quickly-changing needs. Burhan Karaçam, President of Yapi Kredi Bank, says:

Wide scope of work for Arup

Arup was appointed as prime agent, heading a design team which included the architects and Arup for structural design, building services, fit-out, façade, information technology and communications, security, fire, landscaping, infrastructure, acoustics and project management. 

Arup performed masterplanning, design and project management and supervision of construction for the operation centre, on a site of 230,000m2.

In 1998, Arup performed project management and supervision of construction for two additional blocks of office buildings of 7,000m² floor area for the operation centre complex.

Award winner

The project has been eligible for several international architectural and engineering awards including the 'Millenium Products Award' by United Kingdom Design Council.