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Yujiapu traffic hub; Yujiapu traffic hub;

Yujiapu traffic hub, Tianjin

Rail and underground terminal with China's largest single-layer roof

Yujiapu traffic hub serves as a terminal for the Beijing-Tianjin high speed railway and an interchange for three underground lines connecting Binhai to downtown Tianjin.

With its completion, travel between Beijing and Yujiapu has been reduced to under one hour by train, significantly shorter than the previous two hour drive.

Under a co-design contract with the 3rd Railway Survey and Design Institution Group Corporation, Arup is responsible for design of the station roof. Expertise will be drawn from the firm’s architecture, structures, building services, building physics, façadeacoustics and lighting design disciplines.

Project Summary

148m long roof

80m wideroof

24m tallroof

The roof is 148m long, 80m wide and 24m tall - formed with a spiral beam grid structure system and an ETFE (Ethyl Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) façade, the same ultra-light material used in the National Aquatics Center (Water Cube). Opened in September 2015, it is the largest single-layer roof in China.