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Zara Portal del Angel; Zara Portal del Angel;

Zara Portal del Angel, Barcelona

The first store in Spain to obtain a LEEDTM CI Gold certification.

Zara Portal de l'Àngel is the first store in Spain to obtain a LEEDTM CI Gold certification.

Our role was involved right from the development of the sustainable integrated design strategy, energy modeling and the coordination and implementation of the LEED process, up to consultancy on furnishings, equipment and the complete services. 

In order to ensure a good result from the very beginning of the process, we concentrated on reducing the environmental impact and carbon emissions, and at the same time taking care of the integration and viability of the Zara store concept, and the eco-efficient vision that Inditex promotes.

An eco-efficient experience

Some of the sustainable strategies adopted included energy-efficient lighting and the use of recycled greywater in toilets to reduce the environmental impact of the establishment.

The shop has been equipped with a monitoring system that automatically adjusts the temperature, humidity and lighting according to the environmental conditions and motion detectors that turn off lights when an area is unoccupied.

The implementation of these strategies enables the shop to consume 30% less energy than other shops of this type, save up to 50% on water use and reduce CO2 emissions by over 150 tons per year.