Taking a ‘systems approach’ across the project lifecycle, we support clients with systems integration and systems assurance, to ensure the railway is designed and built to meet its reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety requirements.

We help ensure the vision for any new railway or rail enhancement can be technically achieved to enable safe, reliable and efficient railway operations. As technical advisors, we help clients to undertake a forensic assessment of the entire rail system – from track, power, communications, signalling and control to rolling stock and the full spectrum of technologies available for any rail system. We then work through the entire rail lifecycle to identify and set the systemwide requirements, develop a feasible concept of operations, design tender and procurement requirements, develop systems assurance and integration processes and lead the testing and commissioning phase to bring new services into entry.

The scale and complexity of network-wide energy transition to enable net zero is no easy feat. Our rail, rolling stock and energy experts are working at the forefront of some of the leading technology advances in phasing out of diesel trains to low-carbon alternatives that draw on renewable energy such as hydrogen, electric, battery and hybrid or bi-mode fleet.

In addition, we support our clients’ digitisation programme. From renewable-power technologies to smart infrastructure powered by sensor-technologies and big data, we bring market insight, rail and technological expertise to help make sense of the options available. From here, we can help identify the right investment decision, strategy and implementation plan to generate the greatest whole-life return that’s right for your unique circumstances.