Building less by maximising the use of existing assets can assist decarbonisation opportunities through reduced resource consumption, minimised energy usage and fostering social value to surrounding communities. The adaptive reuse of empty spacesor upgrades to existing assets offers an opportunity to bring much-needed healthcare facilities into communities while addressing waiting times and health inequalities.

Our healthcare team helps clients to ‘future proof’ designs, to meet the emerging demands of modern healthcare practice. Whether renovating existing spaces to accommodate new medical equipment, improving energy efficiency, reducing operational costs, or improving resilience to environmental risks, we use digital tools such as Neuron and MassMotion to provide detailed performance analysis. The result is a unified picture of asset performance, energy forecasting, people movement and user experience.

From building, environmental and structural assessment to design upgrades and adding new space to existing buildings or upgrading buildings systems and incorporate new technologies, we prioritise collaboration with clients, stakeholders and design teams future-proof facilities, deliver first class care, while demonstrating commitment health, safety and sustainability.

Reducing operational emissions

The optimal way to reduce embodied carbon emissions within a healthcare building is to critically appraise existing building stock to determine opportunities. Assessing the current retained estate is more than carrying out a property survey; it requires an efficient approach to identify key opportunities and challenges. We work collaboratively with clients to understand performance requirements, before our engineers provide guidance on the potential to make the best use of existing stock.