We help manufacturers and lending institutions stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market by making informed decisions on investment opportunities, process improvement, supply chain management, and digital transformation.

Arup has advisory teams working in a variety of fields within the sector, including: strategy and insight, finance and economics, major programme deliveries, organisational change, assets and operational improvements, as well as response to – and creation of – opportunities from governmental influences. 

Our strategic planning consultants can work closely with your manufacturing teams to develop and refine your business strategies, assessing the competitive landscape, and identifying opportunities for growth. Our guidance helps manufacturing firms position themselves to anticipate market shifts and capitalise on emerging trends. Our business case advisory services can help understand the potential benefits and risks, costs and returns associated with programmes, projects and initiatives. From strategies to operational excellence on the manufacturing line, we can assist in optimising production processes, reducing costs, and improving overall operational efficiency.

Our change management experts can support clients by planning, managing and implementing changes within systems, operations and people. By combining with our Operational Readiness and Transition (ORAT) expertise, we can help prepare your organisation for digital transformation.