With so many global trends reshaping our world, we help you to get the best from your people, assets and resources.

Effective asset management and operations are central to business success. Our advisory services team helps you to develop strategies that lead to sound management, higher returns and greater flexibility from the assets that your business depends on.

With the world economy facing continuous regulatory evolution, the need for climate adaptation, and rapidly changing customer behaviours, it’s vital to think strategically. As your advisory partner we draw on the full range of Arup’s expertise and experience to develop strategies that can help you run a more successful and sustainable business.

Technical rigour, confident returns

Capital investments in vital assets are never simple decisions. We help clients to invest in assets for long-term benefit, driven by a deep understanding of your business’s operating environment, its future risks and opportunities. With a sound strategy underpinning asset performance, you get increased value from day one operations through to higher resale asset values at their end-of-life.

For those investing in new assets we provide technical and financial assistance throughout the process – investment decisions should be backed by the technical advice that can deliver the returns you need.

Assets for efficient energy infrastructure

Assets for efficient energy infrastructure

The central role assets play in the infrastructure sector was clear in our work for a major investor client. When they purchased Endeavour Energy we helped them prepare the business for the newly privatised energy sector it was joining. Our asset information strategy meant they gained new understanding of how the company’s assets and resources were being used and maintained, improving future procurement, streamlining reporting to the regulator, and resulting in a more joined-up operation.

Assets and road safety strategy

Assets and road safety strategy

Improving assets’ performance takes many forms. We produced an operating model and asset management framework focused on improving road safety in our work with Safeway Toll Roads. Substandard asset maintenance in this context means unsafe roads and toll infrastructure, including poor safety practices in the supply chain. Our team provided policy, strategy, governance, root cause analysis, safety training, in an integrated service focused on driving down fatalities on India’s toll roads.

Freight and logistics

Freight and logistics

Every country depends on efficient, data-driven and carefully planned movement of goods and materials. Arup helps clients to analyse, design and implement logistics and freight strategies that ensure resilience across their assets and operations. Our work explores an organisation’s fundamental commercial goals and practices before developing the most effective supply chain and logistics strategy.

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Protecting value for longer

As the world economy adapts to the requirements of net zero emissions, the danger of ‘stranded’ or diminished value assets is a growing risk. Our teams help you think creatively about these problems, finding ways to pivot assets’ use, identifying second or third lives for the same assets.

As businesses find ways to transition away from the fossil fuelled economy, it’s vital to avoid waste by retaining and reusing assets and infrastructure. When Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired power station reached its final 4 years of operation, we helped the UK government to define a new masterplan for the site, prioritising reuse of the plant’s existing assets and local social renewal, as well as promoting wider economic uplift of the East Midlands area.

Intelligence and reporting

There’s great business intelligence to be drawn from assets’ performance. From energy use to maintenance requirements to health and safety benchmarks, with an asset intelligence platform you can improve reporting on KPIs for regulators, investors and clients alike. It helps boardrooms to make more informed choices and ultimately leads to more nimble and effective management. In Queensland, Australia we’ve developed machine learning-based tools to better predict and manage highway repairs, optimising road performance while better managing costs.

Our team also make extensive use of digital, risk-based prioritisation models, providing new levels of insight into the growing range of issues senior leaders must stay ahead of.

Staying ahead of regulation

Businesses and organisations operate in an increasingly regulated world. Once voluntary declarations are becoming mandatory reporting and complex issues like climate change or environmental damage are leading to complex and thoughtful responses from businesses.

We help clients to find ways to adapt their operations to meet new goals or targets. Our ethos is that asset management is always a powerful way to address both your specific business goals while meeting wider priorities, from efficient resource and energy use to improving biodiversity. And as ever, data analytics are vital to capturing, managing and analysing this level of performance.

Building day-to-day resilience

After a year of global pandemic, the growing importance of resilience – operational, physical, technical and personal – is clear to everyone. For our asset management teams, resilience means knowing you’re ready to respond to sudden changes while also planning for emerging trends.

We prepare clients by providing a level of analysis that brings clarity to the real threats they face, whether its site selection for new infrastructure, or building the business case for investments in alternative supplies of key materials.

Intelligent asset management strengthens the resilience of your entire business or organisation.

Featured project

Bringing resilient infrastructure to Bangladesh

Working with the United Nations Operations and Project Services and Bangladesh's Local Government Engineering Department, we are developing a new infrastructure asset management framework that supports risk, cost management, lengthens the lifecycle of assets and increases resilience. Our team is aligning asset management guiding principles and objectives to broader government outcomes, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Organisation – the people factor

Every organisation is a complex combination of people and resources. And beyond the assets themselves, managing the operational and design aspects of a new asset, service or environment is central to success. We help organisations in many different sectors, from rail and aviation to leisure and hospitality, to take a human-centred approach to this kind of business change and the solutions we develop.

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Operational readiness

Today’s businesses must meet consumers expectations that everything ‘will just work’ – and that means safely, efficiently, digitally, and sustainably. From switching terminals in a live airport, to rolling out a new digital service, our Operational Readiness and Transition service aligns your people, processes, and assets and service before launch.

Featured project

Moving Delta Airways at LAX

Using our ORAT methodology, we supported Delta in its move from terminals 5 and 6 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to terminals 2 and 3. Our year-long preparation programme ensured everyone understood the changes to services and systems involved, from new cooling systems to innovative electronic wayfinding technology. Our goal? “No headlines” for the client and a terminal that operates seamlessly from day one.

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