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Operational readiness activation and transition (ORAT)

Our ORAT service is a comprehensive methodology that de-risks the opening of new facilities.

Our ORAT service is a comprehensive methodology that de-risks the opening of new facilities.

How can you be confident that a new airport terminal or large public event will operate seamlessly from day one onwards? How can you reduce the risk of a high-profile project failing on opening day and avoid the associated reputational and financial damage? The journey from construction to live operation creates the challenge of bringing together hundreds of new processes, technologies and people into a single Activation Programme.

De-risking day-one operations

Our ORAT service is a tried and tested methodology that de-risks the activation of new services and facilities, covering everything from airports and stations to major public events and sports stadia. It’s a proven set of tools and methodologies that helps our clients and their stakeholders plan and prepare thoroughly – building confidence for a trouble-free day-one and beyond.

Our service is modular and scalable, allowing us to work on projects of all shapes and sizes. In practice, this means we’re checking and testing every detail from developing new operational processes through to ordering new uniforms; from facilitating staff training programmes to implementing new road signage schemes. We’re focusing on your complete readiness, not just operational readiness.

Our approach typically starts at the very early stages of the project. At Mumbai International Airport, we worked for two years prior to the opening of Terminal 2, shaping the operational plan and supporting training for more than 3,000 staff. We also carried out a similar service when activating Dubai Airport's Terminal 3.

A coordinated, transparent approach to operational readiness

Such complex programs also tend to involve a wide variety of groups with diverse interests and priorities, who must work together to deliver many tasks at critical stages. Our teams instil structure and leadership to avoid the chaos that can often evolve, steering all parties towards the common end-goal.



Proving it

We run a series of operational trials – essentially dress rehearsals - over and over again to fully test and prove all aspects under real conditions and grow momentum towards the opening day. For the new International Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport in London we carried out over 180 trials with 14,000 volunteers. This allowed us to find and fix problems early and build confidence among the 25,000 staff that all facets of the airport were ready ahead of the arrival of the first passengers.

Drawing on Arup’s global expertise in design, construction and operations, we also provide specialist services such as process re-engineering, staff recruitment and training, independent testing and commissioning, and relocation management.