Arup’s specialist expertise from across global locations can address challenging technical issues while prioritising value for our clients. Construction and operational safety are paramount in these projects and we apply a high level of precision in our design strategies to prioritise safety and minimise risk.

At Arup, we recognise that cost is an issue: big science projects demand sophisticated development programmes, custom machinery, and extensive facilities, all of which come with a substantial price point. Our work always keeps the need for meticulous management of schedules and budgets in focus. To address these challenges, we provide comprehensive and integrated project management, planning, engineering, and consulting services that guide clients through every phase of their projects. Our global reach and uniquely collaborative approach enable us to tailor these services, ensuring value for each project, regardless of its nature or location.

The complexity of big science with its large-scale infrastructure necessitates meticulous planning and a collaborative approach involving multiple specialist design teams. These ambitious programs are often undertaken by international coalitions of public and private stakeholders due to their scope and intricacy. Our extensive experience, diverse services and global reach, means we can assist clients in navigating international and institutional barriers, facilitating the successful delivery of groundbreaking big science projects that contribute to global advancements.