Too often in the past, facade access was considered only at the final stage of a project. This typically results in restricted possibilities for an optimised facade access system and an increase in cost to the client, thus engaging early in the design process is highly beneficial. Arup’s team are commissioned right at the start, ensuring ongoing maintenance is considered at the earliest stages, and seamlessly incorporated into the design.

Cross-industry experience

Our portfolio of projects ranges from bridges, airports, stadiums, traditional and industrial structures to residential and commercial high-rise buildings. We specialise in complex buildings up to mega tall towers, as well as being involved in innovative new design features such as maintenance of green walls.

The right mix of systems

We work with all the major contractors in the market, and use only the best access systems - including building maintenance units, abseiling systems, cherry pickers, temporary and permanent access systems. Our advice is unbiased and we are independent of any one manufacturer.