To attract and retain staff and students, universities rely on the quality of the student experience, wider academic performance and increasingly, factors such as sustainability.

We offer strategic masterplanning that can produce a campus that not only meets the present needs of the university but also anticipates future growth. A cohesive and adaptable framework optimising space, infrastructure, and resources presents an opportunity for campus universities to become a centre for the community. Our teams recognise the value of public and outdoor spaces, including leisure and sports facilities. Arup’s landscape architects collaborate with university stakeholders, to integrate sustainable landscaping practices, regenerative design and nature based solutions to incorporate green spaces and preserve nature, such as gardens and outdoor classrooms that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the campus while promoting wellbeing.

As the mix of digital and in-person teaching continues, our digital teams focus on robust digital infrastructure to support digital learning platforms, collaboration and operations including cybersecurity and strategies to protect vital IP, while enabling people to work as frictionlessly as possible. For built assets, our smart buildings expertise leverages IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, data analytics, and automation to optimise energy usage, improving operational efficiency. This digital infrastructure can also assist with carbon reduction targets through building automation systems that dynamically adjust to occupancy levels, reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

Transportation to, from and cross campus can enhance accessibility and reduce congestion. We specialise in mobility strategies to incorporate pedestrian pathways, bike lanes, electric vehicle charging stations, and efficient public transportation systems that connect facilities and promote alternative modes of transports.