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Climate strategy, planning and reporting

Helping clients move from vision to action to impact

Helping clients move from vision to action to impact

Today every business, government and institution has woken up to the need for a climate change transition strategy and implementation plan, and the means to report progress. Organisations at all scales need to take a structured approach to interpret the complex range of information and evidence that will guide their most critical decisions on climate-related risks.

Developing a robust and insight-driven climate transition strategy is where the journey begins. The destination is a community, business or investment that will thrive in the challenging decades ahead. ” Matt Kennedy Matt Kennedy Global Climate Strategy, Reporting and Planning Leader

We can help you to develop comprehensive and evidence-based strategies that address your emissions reduction and climate resilience priorities in an integrated way. From a starting point of emissions measurement and risk assessment, we will work with you to develop high level visions and targets, define impactful interventions and actions that can be implemented across your organisation, and prepare the ground for delivery, investment, monitoring and reporting.

Arup’s climate expertise combines strategy and reporting with data and technical skills. We partner with your organisation to deliver decarbonisation, resilience, biodiversity, social value, and circular economy solutions to not only deliver aspirational visions for the future, but provide clear roadmaps to get there. We work with government bodies, NGOs, financial institutions, utility infrastructure, and commercial property owners to understand, shape, and deliver their climate goals. 

How we work

Baseline your carbon emissions and climate risks

Baseline your carbon emissions and climate risks

At the start of the process it’s vital to prepare an initial inventory of your greenhouse gas emissions and undertake a detailed climate risk assessment. These elements will form the baseline from which you will start to develop your strategy and plans.

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Define a strategy and vision

Define a strategy and vision

Once defined, a climate strategy becomes a client’s north star. Through careful research and engagement combined with technical modelling and prioritisation techniques, Arup experts help our clients to envision where they want to be, and provide the guidelines and development plan to keep them on a science-based pathway.

Implement the strategy

Implement the strategy

Even once you identify the destination, the first step of the journey is often the toughest. We help your organisation to prioritise near-term tangible measures and make steady progress. These could include facilitating demonstrator projects that build support for wider transition programmes.

We support the tangible change management that accompanies this process – in specific technical projects, but also across personal, cultural and operational factors. This helps clients to navigate and master the internal structural change required. Our support comprises the financial dimension too – developing investment cases, preparing projects for funding, and connecting clients with relevant investors.

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Monitor and evaluate

Monitor and evaluate

Climate strategies require constant evaluation. Our strategy, planning and reporting services are supported by a variety of monitoring and evaluation processes and tools. These ensure clients’ progress is tangible, replicable and becomes second nature as their organisation makes the transition to truly sustainable operations. For government bodies, our monitoring work can be scaled to work for an entire community, city or region.

Report and communicate

Report and communicate

Climate goals will become more demanding over time, just as innovations will accelerate the progress you can make. Arup uses dynamic reporting methods and tools to ensure continued optimisation, helping clients to report to regulators, giving confidence to investors. Effective communications mean organisations can advocate effectively for what they’ve learnt on their climate adaptation journeys.

TCFD advisory role and regulation

The Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures (TCFD) is a measure increasingly in use across the G20 countries, helping investors to evaluate what companies are doing to mitigate the risks of climate change, driving a much needed uniformity to disclosure standards. 

We are helping clients to respond to TCFD, and seeing it gain salience globally, being already mandated in the EU, UK and by 2025 across East Asia. We can support with emissions modelling and carbon analysis/reporting to help investors meet TCFD and ESG goals.

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In 2020, Arup committed to ensuring net zero across our operations by 2030. Our aim is to reduce emissions by 30%, which is equivalent to 40,800 tCO2e within 5 years of that commitment.

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Arup works with many specialist partner organisations on a wide range of urban issues, from improving cities’ resilience to climate impacts to community engagement work.

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