However, this growth poses significant environmental challenges. At Arup, we believe it is possible to tackle these challenges in unison, responding to rising demand for capacity while reducing environmental impact – and ensuring infrastructure is resilient, reliable and accessible.

We can integrate a range of global solutions specific to your asset, campus or portfolio into our approach. That might mean exploring energy transition approaches or tailoring scalability through upgrading existing facilities; optimising energy efficiency, climate resilience assessments, utilising waste heat or a range of other options. 

We can ensure that your expanded infrastructure provides long term economic benefit and maintains the highest levels of productivity, even as it scales. Data from our digital tools will provide transparency in reporting, visualisation of design goals and valuable information on assets’ performance in the real world.


Net zero is a tough but not unrealistic goal for data centres. We can help move your assets towards net zero with our whole-life carbon assessments, decarbonisation pathways, materials selection and advanced cooling techniques. Our approach also includes incorporating circularity, climate resilience and nature-based solutions, all while optimising energy usage and minimising cost. 

Finally, our team always adopts a long-term strategy to managing cost, factoring in future needs alongside construction and operational expenses. For existing assets, we prioritise reuse and ongoing operational improvements. For new facilities, we help plan for renewable energy access and optimised layouts to ensure flexibility for future requirements.