These can accelerate the design process while yielding facilities with greater consistency in their configuration, more streamlined procurement economies of scale and efficient stakeholder alignment. Our knowledgeable teams can unlock supply chains and collaborate with vendors for early procurement of equipment, improving time to market, which is valuable to customers, sales teams, operations teams, and anyone who interacts with multiple data centres within a portfolio.

Our engineering services approach projects with a global perspective, offering a reference design service that transcends geographical boundaries. The challenges of designing and implementing data centres on a global scale are multifaceted, from diverse regulatory environments to varying climatic conditions. Our designs address these intricacies, providing a unified approach that ensures consistency, reliability, and scalability across different regions while building flexibility in to accommodate local requirements.

We help companies to adopt an efficient, mass-production ethos to the design, production and maintenance of these portfolios of built assets, by replicating a design to achieve better return on investment and economies of scale.