In the face of constantly shifting legislation and competition, as well as the unknowns of climate change, our tools can help companies diversify their offerings while increasing the flexibility and resilience of their operations. 

Digital integration can transform the way we design and build for industry and manufacturing. By integrating digital tools into both the design process and the project’s everyday operations, we can design more efficient spaces and operations, achieve net zero buildings and obtain operational insights that help reduce costs. 

The value of BIM

Arup’s approach to design and engineering focuses on integration of project teams, which both speeds up a project’s timeline and makes for a more efficient and responsive facility. We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to create a digital version of a project, which streamlines design timelines and allows for iterations and simulations of the project, leading to optimised design and resource allocation. During virtual inspections, the project teams can discuss technical challenges and find suitable solutions together. And BIM's centralised database ensures comprehensive project documentation, promoting greater consistency and uniformity to effectively manage your data.