Asset information must often be collected in the field by teams tasked with evaluating a range of complex building systems. It can be difficult to collect detailed, accurate asset data using conventional methods.  And across large asset portfolios, this information is often collected inconsistently, limiting stakeholders’ ability to evaluate the portfolio holistically and make impactful decisions with asset data. 

Arup Inspect is Arup’s intuitive, mobile-ready software solution for asset inspection data capture. Arup Inspect enables inspectors, facility managers, auditors and other field staff to collect complete, consistent data quickly. Collected asset information can be viewed on a wide range of mobile devices while on site.  Arup Inspect also has an interactive desktop environment, and it can be integrated with a range of popular asset management platforms.

Beyond hosting an assortment of shows and events, our goal is to maintain the house well into the future in an ever-changing world and climate. The overall value we get from Arup Inspect is greater understanding and informed decision-making to best address our issues at hand, and for the future of the house.

Dean Jakubowsky

Building Operations Manager, Sydney Opera House

Arup Inspect’s digital environment allows federated teams of staff in the field to collect complete, consistent information for assets across an organization’s portfolio.  This consistent data then enables facility managers, capital program managers and other high-level stakeholders to make critical decisions on the construction, maintenance, operations and rehabilitation of portfolio assets. 

Whether a single building, infrastructure, or portfolio of assets, Arup Inspect will provide a simple gateway to asset maintenance prioritisation, while improving health and safety conditions for site personnel, and reducing costs.  


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Arup Inspect - product introduction