Wherever you live, flood risk, climate change and habitat loss are issues every community faces. With the urgent need to protect homes from flooding, meet net zero goals, and increase biodiversity, risk management authorities, developers and land managers need a tool that identifies opportunities to restore natural functions in landscapes.

Arup and SCALGO have developed NatureInsight® to identify suitable nature-based solutions (NbS) that can address flooding, sequester CO2 and restore habitats.

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NatureInsight® is easy to use and has been designed to enable anyone working in environmental management or planning to identify problems and develop solutions, fast. 

It’s a web-based tool, available via subscription, that enables users to focus on specific areas, identify opportunities for NbS, and create landscapes that are resilient to climate change.

Using NatureInsight® you’ll be able to develop affordable, practical interventions that address local climate risks, without causing further emissions through traditional infrastructure. The tool assesses the potential for implementing ten different nature-based solutions:

We want NatureInsight® to be a catalyst in leading to a greater uptake in nature-based solutions delivery, to help bring resilience to climate extremes, meet net zero targets and restore habitats.

Alex Nicholson

NatureInsight Lead

NatureInsight® scenarios

NatureInsight® combines comprehensive mapping across Great Britain with in-depth knowledge of nature-based solutions. The tool identifies the most appropriate placement of these interventions and offers insights into the costs and benefits of implementing them. The result is a real-time insight tool for authority decision makers, commercial developers and anyone with a stake in local environmental resilience.

  1. Tackle flood risks

    A typical town faces a significant risk of the river bursting its banks and causing damage to properties and threatening hundreds of lives. NatureInsight® enables government agencies and engineers to plan and cost the nature-based solutions that will reduce the river flow during these extreme events. This build’s the local community’s resilience while providing multiple benefits for climate and nature.

  2. Make progress on net zero

    A local authority wants to understand how much atmospheric carbon the land in their region could sequester / remove from the atmosphere. NatureInsight® empowers the local authority to explore where the most impact can be made compared to baseline, assuming average sequestration rates over a multi-year period.

  3. Strengthen local biodiversity

    A wildlife trust is developing a local biodiversity action plan and wants to explore baseline habitat distinctiveness across large areas and identify sites that offer the greatest potential for improvement. NatureInsight® identifies opportunities for nature-based solutions and compares the high-level, potential uplift in biodiversity distinctiveness compared to existing.


Download our NatureInsight® whitepaper to learn more about our methods and assumptions.

NatureInsight® whitepaper