Wind turbines of the Arkona offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea; Wind turbines of the Arkona offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea;

Arup Integrity Management

A digital approach for safe and effective integrity management

A digital approach for safe and effective integrity management

In many industries, the traditional approach to asset inspection and maintenance requires site personnel to spend significant quantities of time in high risk environments, recording and then duplicating analogue inspection and maintenance data. Teams then have to spend considerable time wrangling the resulting data, which must be organised and reconciled before it can be put to use. The resulting data frequently lacks sufficient detail and location-specific insight.

Arup Integrity Management is a digital service that brings the utility, efficiency and accuracy of digital data capture and reporting to asset management. It offers you a step change in asset integrity insights while reducing risk and cutting costs.

At Arup, integrity management is both a suite of tools and a consulting service. Whether you are operating an offshore asset, gas terminal, bridge or commercial tower, it’s the best way to gain the specific asset intelligence your business depends on.

All-year, every year benefits

Importantly, digitising the asset management workflow with Arup Integrity Management reduces operating costs without compromising on the quality of the data you’re working from. It also allows clients to better target finite resources to manage the highest priority integrity threats, like loss of containment caused by wall thinning due to corrosion, or collapse due to reduction in strength through fatigue cracking. Ultimately, the service streamlines data capture and management from the field to the office, across the annual cycle of integrity management activities:

Inspection and maintenance

Asset inspection and maintenance

The service provides 3D visualisation and 360-degree data capture, data management and reporting, helping provide a single source of truth to your whole team.



In addition to a 3D visualisation of the asset, our tools enable a new level of asset monitoring, whether it be by the automated screening of photographic and video footage, or through the gathering and processing of IoT sensor data.



Arup Integrity Management provides insights into the engineering requirements that relate to specific integrity threats. Combined with Arup’s expertise in engineering design and consulting for strengthening, modification, repair, replacement, and reanalysis, it can improve asset management effectiveness.

Digital consulting

Digital consulting

Our team offers additional services that add even more value: including robotic process automation (RPA) which automates labour-intensive manual processes. We can also develop predictive analytics and supporting software to meet your specific asset management goals.

Insights anywhere, anytime

The backbone of the service is Arup Inspect 3D, a powerful mobile tablet application that enables asset integrity engineers to work with a 3D model of the asset and to tag data to it relating to the asset’s condition. The application is used for workscope planning, through site data capture, to data evaluation and reporting by the engineering team.

The benefits are clear:

  • Reduces risks: by digitising the data capture process, our application cuts down time spent on site by an average of 25%. Less time spent on site means less risk to site personnel

  • Saves time and money: using the application reduces the time you spend on site and enables rapid information sharing, delivering significant cost savings

  • Rapid data analysis: decoupling site data capture from evaluation tasks allows a centralised team of Arup experts to mine the data for insights across all our clients’ inspections, making the process of evaluating the data faster and more cost effective, driving better quality outcomes

Lower risk, more efficient asset management

Since its launch in late 2018, offshore clients have used our integrity management service on 20 projects, reducing the amount of time site personnel need to spend working in confined spaces or at height (up to 100%), substantially lowering personnel safety risk, as well as reducing reporting time and team size.

  • 25% reduction in reporting time
  • 30% reduction in team size required
  • 50% reduction in time to complete inspection in many cases

Photograph of a man on a windfarm looking at a map on a handheld screen Photograph of a man on a windfarm looking at a map on a handheld screen