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Data analytics and insight

We transform complex data into valuable insight to enable you to maximise performance and fulfil your strategic vision.

We transform complex data into valuable insight to enable you to maximise performance and fulfil your strategic vision.

Organisations are now faced with an unprecedented volume, variety and velocity of data. We leverage this data to provide important business analytics, create a single point of truth on project performance, answer key commercial questions, and help organisations predict and react to future trends. Our data insight services cover every part of the information spectrum, from data collection and analytics through to reporting and presentation.

Predictive analytics: success through insight

Predictive analytics enable companies to improve operations and maintenance programmes, while reducing costs. By extracting insights from historical data, we help clients to enhance their processes through innovative applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. These technologies identify patterns in the data which can be used to aid decision making, reduce risks and improve operations.

Machine learning is ideally suited to optimise services, such as using historical monitoring data for Northern Ireland Water to predict the future performance of water treatment filters and tracking usage patterns for bicycles on public bike share schemes to enable the redistribution of bikes and pre-empt issues with crowded or empty stations. Machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies turn data into valuable information, leading to better business performance.   

Our data analytics capabilities allow us to collect and process high volumes of complex data to deliver valuable strategic insight. We provide project tools such as dashboards to enable real-time interrogation of programme activity, to identify forward and past trends, and to provide consistent, easily accessible standards of reporting across all sectors.

Spatial and GIS services allow you to visualise, manage, analyse and collate data based on any location, making it easier for you to manage your assets geographically. Multidisciplinary visualisation teams combine design data from different disciplines to create robust and innovative representations that can generate and inform engagement and investment from stakeholders. Our understanding of users enables us to create online project ecosystems with simple interfaces that quickly convey vital information. Our award winning Programme Delivery Dashboard helped to drive an Olympic scale regeneration programme in London while effectively engaging a range of stakeholders.

Our 2 and 3-D modelling services use data to build complex models that maximise the efficiency of your project, from planning right through to operation. We can also help organisations reap the benefits of all levels of BIM (building information modelling. BIM enables entire supply chains to collaborate in a single shared model, and manage the operation and performance of assets over their lifetimes, thereby reducing costs.

Damien McCloud explains to the Business Reporter how Arup is working to unlock the potential of big data for its clients.
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Uniting expertise and technology

Experts from across our firm design our insight services to ensure that they are delivered with end-users in mind. We work with specialists such as design project managers and planning policy economists to tailor our insight solutions for specific projects and industry sectors, from greenbelt planning to large-scale transport projects.

Our ability to generate insight from data is demonstrated by our ability to create an interactive platform for the Bureau of Transport Statistics Data Visualisation Project and our work in Mapping the New South Wales Budget in Australia.

As our client, we can help you take an evolutionary leap: reducing risk, increasing operational efficiency and achieving your vision for your project.