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As the physical and digital worlds converge, there are powerful new ways to manage, operate and optimise your buildings and assets. Arup is at the forefront of developing the tools and platforms that make this possible.

Alan Newbold

Alan Newbold

UKIMEA Digital Services Leader

As the physical and digital worlds converge, there are powerful new ways to manage, operate and optimise your buildings and assets. Arup is at the forefront of developing the tools and platforms that make this possible.

Digital services and accelerating connectivity have been reshaping the way we build the physical environment for some time. Planning for future technologies and the behaviours they drive, requires a multifaceted and thoughtful approach. We provide comprehensive strategic advice on the role of digital technology in the built environment, incorporating both organisational transformation and placemaking.

We help you gain value from the data your business generates, introducing powerful analytics and a brilliant user experience, supported by an integration of the best hardware and software. We help clients to develop completely new services, integrating new technology and data standards in complex environments for energy and transport clients.

Experience design

For at least a decade now, data-driven modelling and simulation tools have enabled greater understanding of public behaviour and preferences, helping designers of all kinds to work with a deeper understanding.

Today, we use these tools backed by wider disciplinary knowledge to carry out ‘experience design’, plotting out how a given environment will meet users’ needs and preferences. For clients it’s a chance to establish confidence in design choices well before any construction begins, vital in major infrastructure or public-funded projects.

Arts and culture

Arts and culture

We help clients to define the ideal vision for their spaces and services, considering their mission, user needs, spatial context, and operating model. Our team will integrate service design, digital master planning, architecture, and specify technology into a comprehensive plan that clients can work from.

We helped Dartmouth College’s Hopkins Center for the Arts to develop an integrated campus vision, combining technical concepts, project feasibility, construction cost modelling and operational requirements needed to realise the changes.



Passenger habits and preferences are always changing. We help clients across the mobility sector to understand this evolving market and ensure that the travelling experience and supporting infrastructure align to produce a great service.

For Transport for Wales our team collected data and insights from real customers, defined a new customer experience strategy for hospitality and supported capacity building for ongoing trials.

Cities and local government

Cities and local government

City and local governments rely on public engagement. We help them design experiences that offer greater social value and command public support, leading to sound investments in services, digital infrastructure and capabilities.  

Sheffield City Council wanted to develop new value models for its city centre, retail, mobility, energy and housing. We devised new citizen engagement approaches, including producing a participation toolkit, which was deployed across the city.

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Generating valuable insights from data

For many of our clients, the core issue isn’t a lack of data within their business, but how to translate it into useful intelligence. Our data scientists and advisors are expert at translating business data into decision-critical information, building organisations’ data analytics capacity as we go.

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport: Intelligent baggage handling

Our work focused on creating a blueprint that defined the structure and operation of Heathrow’s existing baggage handling. We mapped out every stage and captured that in a single model that can generate new insights and efficiencies in this critical airport system.

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Infrastructure mapping application

Infrastructure Mapping Application: City-wide control of every project

Local authorities often struggle to manage the sheer number of urban improvement schemes they’re responsible for. IMA brings a single shared management platform to utilities, contractors, transport providers and boroughs, encouraging collaboration, reducing costs and disruption.

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Airport Demand Analyser

Airport Demand Analyser: Meet the data-driven terminal

Our Airport Demand Analyser (ADA) tool takes live flight data from 1000 international airports and uses machine learning to help our aviation planners provide clients easily digestible insights into their operations.

We are currently using ADA to help Heathrow Airport run an efficient, full-capacity service at each terminal.

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IT systems: optimised, safe and secure

Advising on and implementing the information and communications technology your business or organisation depends on, is a core part of our service. From network infrastructure to helping ensure your data security, we can design the programme your organisation needs.

IT, networking and 5G

We produce IT infrastructure and integrated technology designs that support buildings and businesses on day one and long into the future. Fast networking is another business critical priority and we’re helping clients invest in and implement flexible, high performance systems that can grow with their businesses.

Cybersecurity and data management

Cybersecurity grows in importance daily, and corporate fortunes and reputations depend on finding a way to protect vital IP, while enabling people to work as frictionlessly as possible. We advise clients on all aspects of cybersecurity and resilience, adopting an approach that combines rigorous technological stress-testing with an understanding of the human and cultural factors.


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