Advances in technology can lower energy consumption, while the availability of alternative fuels and volatile oil prices, are changing the way factories operate, potentially lowering the costs of product transportation.

Our advisory and engineering specialists focus on solutions that not only reduce energy consumption, but costs too, at both site and portfolio level. With digital monitoring tools, we can advise on energy resilience strategies from increasing site resilience to optimising equipment performance or implementing sustainable practices throughout the production cycle. Our engineering solutions are designed to align with your business goals while ensuring a reduction of energy use and carbon emissions.

Arup understands the global imperative to reduce dependence on conventional energy sources and are dedicated to helping manufacturing facilities make the transition to cleaner, renewable alternatives. Our teams use a future-facing approach to renewable energy transition that takes into account both new renewable energy options and changes to legislation and standards. Our assessments identify opportunities for incorporating renewable energy into your manufacturing processes, including solar, wind, or biomass, which demonstrates a commitment to both environmental responsibility and long-term economic viability.