In the meantime, disruptors such as climate change, geopolitical events, regulatory compliance and energy market volatility are impacting business continuity and competitiveness. The need for energy resilience measures has never been more urgent. Unfortunately, the high energy intensity of manufacturing processes and stringent environmental regulations can pose challenges for both decarbonisation and capacity expansion. 

An integrated approach to energy efficiency, sustainability and resilience is key to mitigating these challenges. Arup’s multi-disciplinary team of engineers and sustainability consultants advise clients on the implementation of sustainability and resilience strategies and roadmaps at all stages of projects and programmes.

Energy efficiency is key to decarbonisation, reducing energy-related costs, enabling electrification and expansion. Arup has extensive experience in conducting energy audits and decarbonisation programmes for existing assets, as well as advising clients on sustainable design and masterplanning of new facilities.  

Good energy resilience and climate adaptation strategies ensure uninterrupted operations, mitigate production risks, and maintain competitiveness in the face of disruptions. Arup supports client teams with risk assessments, identification and implementation of mitigation strategies.