This means that ESG strategies and reporting go beyond the realm of finance and compliance, to then highlight areas of growth, competitive advantage and leadership.

ESG disclosure focuses on key issues, the response to those issues, tracking against and most importantly making improvements year on year. This builds consistency, transparency and trust with stakeholders.

Arup’s expertise spans across the full spectrum of ESG priorities, providing advice is grounded by our direct experience across an organisation’s operations and assets. We are also a founding partner of the Coalition for Climate Resilient Investments (CCRI) helping businesses to assess the impact of climate change on investments. We are a GRESB Infrastructure Partner and take part in working groups shaping ESG reporting trends. We are also a member of the World Energy Council and work with the World Economic Forum on climate mitigation and adaptation.

How we can help you


With a baseline established, we collaborate with clients to develop a vision and strategy for sustainability across their value chain. We set industry specific, benchmarked KPIs and establish the data collection and management review processes required to inform decision-making. These are strengthened by meaningful, science-based targets through a combination of research, engagement, technical modelling, and prioritisation techniques, supported by a roadmap for implementation.

We set our clients on a path towards successful implementation, by establishing appropriate governance and communication structures, supported by training and capacity-building programmes.

ESG: from strategy to reality
Watch our Breakfast with Arup Session on ESG: from strategy to reality


We provide ongoing support to our clients through the implementation of their ESG strategy. This work can take many forms. We carry out ongoing assessment and monitoring across an organisation’s value chain, undertaking ESG due diligence, industry certifications and auditing services.  

Data management processes must also be established, specifying digital solutions where appropriate, to enable effective performance review. Ultimately, we support clients to work with their supply chain to benchmark and drive change.  

We draw on our deep technical expertise across ESG themes to enable clients to tackle their material issues across the business landscape. Our support is fundamentally linked to financial governance, as we develop investment cases, prepare projects for funding and finance, and support in accessing sustainable finance.

Reporting and disclosure

ESG inherently requires credible, robust reporting, whether to regulators, investors, or the wider market. Our reporting and disclosure processes ensure progress is tangible and replicable, providing regular and meaningful updates for all relevant stakeholders. 

Our digital platforms enable monitoring across portfolios and support continuous optimisation, facilitate regulatory reporting, and inspire confidence among investors as they deliver a clear understanding of the commercial implications of performance.

We support clients with their annual ESG reporting, aligned to regulatory requirements and global best practice including CSRD, ISSB, TNFD and GRI.