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Facilities management

Facilities management covers all aspects of a building or facility’s operation and maintenance, throughout its lifecycle. We understand how buildings are designed, and the technical and management systems they need to work well.

This knowledge helps us broker better understanding between building owners, occupiers, designers and contractors, for facilities management solutions that better fulfil a building’s intended use.

Our facilities managements specialists work across a range of industries and sectors including mixed use developments and plants and logistics centres.

An integrated process

To make sure that a building performs well from the outset, we provide advice during design and construction on access for maintenance, lifecycle costing and operational gaps. Our design reviews and costed proposals help ensure that buildings are easy to maintain and efficient to run.

We then eases the building’s handover from developer to operator helping clients and stakeholders understand how their building works, providing technical support, maintenance strategies and operational budgets.

Support across the building lifecycle

We continue to provide support throughout the life of a building with technical diagnostics and problem solving, financial advice, maintenance monitoring, energy audits, refurbishment and minor project works.

Arup also works extensively with hospital operators, funders and maintenance contractors to ensure that their facilities are compliant, run efficiently and provide a safe environment for staff and patients.

Finally, as a building ages, we offer surveys for dilapidations, pre-purchase, condition and estate liability.


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