Arup has been at the forefront of fire safety engineering for over 50 years, investing in our people, our research and academic partnerships. Our work spans complex and unusual projects as well as more familiar schemes. Whether developing fire strategy designs, specialist fire safety analysis, offering strategic advice, or carrying out inspection, risk assessment or expert witness services, our work is grounded in fire science.

A responsive approach

Our 300-plus fire safety engineers are based in around 38 locations worldwide. They draw on Arup’s global experience, but they are also specialists in country-specific codes and planning standards for fire safety. This wealth of local insight equips us to deliver fire safety advice which meets regulatory, client and user-focused objectives.

Our solutions meet the challenges of the many sectors we work in: from the precise requirements of scientific, industrial and data centre facilities, sustainable high-rises, the occupant characteristics within residential and healthcare, the bespoke standards of airports and railways and sensitive refurbishments of heritage buildings as well as the retrofit of existing properties.

Whatever the context, we tailor our response to match clients’ individual objectives – from strategies to manage their fire safety and protection risks and user-friendly management regimes, to construction compliance services that reduce programme delays. Our longstanding fire safety expertise also means we can assist in recovery and analysis following fire.

A balanced outlook

Fire safety cannot be understood in isolation as it often negotiates a delicate balance between the competing demands of design innovation, sustainability, resilience, functionality and fire performance. Our fire safety specialists work collaboratively, with extreme rigour and honesty that challenge standard fire safety design approaches. This goes back to principles instilled by our founder Margaret Law.


We stay at the forefront of fire safety by supporting research, masters, PhD and professorship programmes at leading universities, helping develop innovative fire engineering techniques. This approach means that we rise to the challenges posed by all types of building forms, materials and construction methods to deliver fire safe solutions. Sharing research in this way reflects our in commitment to social usefulness beyond our core project work.