Frequently they are required to endure well beyond their original design life and may have been constructed long before modern engineering design standards. They are particularly susceptible to environmental conditions and the impacts that climate change brings.

Through our combined geotechnical engineering and asset management expertise we understand the challenges that come with owning and maintaining these assets. Increasingly geotechnical assets are getting stressed beyond their limits, with operational risk being a major concern for many of our clients, often in the face of limited resources and budgets.

The principles of asset management are core to our approach in helping clients achieve operational excellence looking after their business’s geotechnical assets. We support our clients at all stages of the asset life cycle, from setting out asset visions and strategy, establishing efficient ways of working and value-driven investment, to managing the day-to-day risks and delivery of those plans. Our specialists in geotechnics, water and digital can provide valuable insights through data-driven analysis and develop effective decision-support tools to further support our clients with managing their assets.