Without careful management there can be significant impact to the natural environment, such as groundwater contamination by long term chemicals such as PFAS, as well as social impacts such as groundwater flooding after extreme weather.

Arup provides a full range of services related to hydrogeology and groundwater engineering. Our expertise ranges from managing groundwater during construction to developing and protecting groundwater resources and to using groundwater as a low-carbon energy source for heating and cooling. 

We have delivered solutions to projects with complex groundwater problems all over the world. Arup hydrogeologists work alongside colleagues in geotechnics, contaminated land, hydrology and other disciplines. We also offer regulatory guidance and engagement. Our goal is to provide clear communication around complex hydrogeological issues to ensure a wide range of stakeholders can understand the problem and solution. 

Arup is at the forefront of understanding how climate change will impact groundwater resources, using tools we have developed in-house which draw on international and local best practice.