Landfill scarcity, environmental impacts, resource scarcity and rising prices for recovered materials will drive significant transformation in the waste market. We recognise the ongoing requirement for landfills within the waste sector to manage residual and hazardous wastes, as part of the ongoing evolution of the sector towards resource management and integration of the circular economy. 

Our team provide an integrated approach with experts across a range of disciplines to deliver the desired outcomes of well-designed and operated landfills that do not lead to unacceptable impacts on the environment. We have deep experience in landfill remediation design with leachate and gas control systems for closed landfill sites to provide opportunities for reclamation and development, converting liabilities into assets.

We offer a breadth of experience across all aspects of landfill management, from advice on regulatory compliance and waste policy development, technical due diligence for acquisitions, detailed design and engineering, ground stability challenges, hydrogeological and gas risk assessments, gas resource assessments, to the provision of expert witness testimony on matters of waste related litigation. 

Our technical services cover:

  • licence and permit compliance
  • civils and earthworks
  • drainage and hydrology
  • project management
  • landscaping
  • ecology
  • waste geotechnics
  • electrical and process
  • leachate treatment
  • gas to energy, gas clean-up and re-injection