From route, tunnels, viaducts and tracks to trains, stations and surrounding masterplans, our leading team of multidisciplinary experts work with clients to design transformative urban railways.

Our tunnelling and rail designers ensure that schemes manage to align both climate and cost imperatives, finding ways to reduce the resources and materials used in construction. Our geotechnics expertise enables clients to build infrastructure safely and with minimal impact to structures and life below and above ground. We also bring our deep domain expertise of operational railways into the design of rail maintenance depots.

Our specialist rail architecture and design team approach every project with the passenger and user experience at the centre of decision-making. This helps ensure stations are intuitive and enjoyable to use, complement their surroundings, and are efficient to maintain. Our global experience blending function with elegance in a cost-effective manner, such as our kit-of-parts design approach, ensures maintenance and replacements remain affordable over the rail system's full lifespan.

We adopt a place-based mindset when shaping rail projects, ensuring that the route, the stations and wider developments deliver wider economic benefits, strengthen social connectivity, and regenerate urban and rural areas.