We offer a range of design, engineering and advisory services to help cities, campuses, airports and more implement tailored solutions that fit the needs of the local community.

We work with local stakeholders to design and develop microgrid concepts that align with your energy demand, resilience and sustainability needs. Our teams work diligently to identify barriers to deployment and potential future challenges to guarantee resilient, future proof solutions that are built with expansion in mind.  

To support the successful design and development, we provide a multitude of advisory services to outline, model and assess feasible microgrid options, support grants and funding, and map net zero journeys. 

Our extensive engineering expertise covers all microgrid components, including distributed energy resources, electric vehicle infrastructure, district energy, battery energy storage systems, transmission and distribution, and more. This means that we can provide truly holistic, tailored approaches that meet the needs of your community while ensuring resilient solutions, capable of operating efficiently even during power outages.