With Risk Factor Pro, you made the first step toward resilience: awareness. Now, Arup’s risk and resilience team can guide you on the next steps so you can take action confidently.

Our subject matter experts use engineering-based risk modelling to estimate the physical, financial, and social impacts of natural hazards and climate change. We can develop and simulate physical and operational interventions to quantify which mitigation strategies result in the greatest benefits and return on investment.

Through this approach, we can provide strategic advice of the highest technical caliber to inform end-to-end decision-making and align capital deployment to manage risk and maximize co-benefits.

How can we help

  1. Engineering-driven approach
    Our risk and resilience engineers leverage state-of-the-art risk modelling, built on decades of technical expertise, to deliver unparalleled insights into your portfolio and asset performance.

  2. Enterprise-wide strategy
    With experience working with complex organizations, our team helps you engage the right stakeholders to define, prioritize, and implement your resilience strategy.

  3. Take action with confidence
    Our team works with you to build the business case to assure interinal and external stakeholders and make strategic decisions faster than ever before.

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