In rural areas land use changes such as deforestation, and land management practices can impact how rainfall soaks into the ground. In urban environments impermeable surfaces push rainwater run-off into storm drains where it enters the sewer system, mixes with wastewater from residences, and is routed for costly sewerage treatment. During heavy rains, these systems can overflow into waterways; impairing the health of our waterways for fishing and swimming, and causing urban flooding. 

We use nature-based solutions and Natural Flood Management (NFM) interventions to restore river catchments' natural functions, slowing the flow to reduce downstream flood risk whilst creating multiple environmental and social benefits including to water quality, resilience to climate change impacts, biodiversity, recreation and wellbeing. In cities NFM can enhance the public realm, delivering new green spaces.  NFM can be a more cost-effective alternative to traditional flood risk management and reduces our dependence on carbon-intensive hard infrastructure.

We deliver NFM solutions for our clients through the entire project life-cycle. Our services include strategic opportunity mapping using our bespoke digital tools Nature Insights and Terrain; regenerative land management advice; design of urban and rural NFM; funding and financing advice, including through innovative new blended public-private finance routes and nature markets; building the case and engaging communities to enable delivery.