So much can now be learned about an asset’s performance, enabling predictions about lifespan, maintenance needs and improvements to operation. The right data can enable better decision making now, including which maintenance interventions to make and when. Getting the right data – whether there is too much or not enough – is always a major hurdle. We help our clients to develop and implement predictive and preventative digital asset management programmes.

Digital plays a key role in predicting future passenger demand and maximisation of your assets’ lifespans. We also use digital tools to find ways to increase rail resilience, reduce carbon emissions and embed circular economy principles to minimise waste, and improve or extend whole life value.

Beyond asset management, we also support operators, devise strategies to increase capacity and improve reliability across their services and improve efficiencies across their operations. From timetable change and impact assessments to optimisation strategies across services and business, our expert can help you deliver higher performing railways.