With expertise and experience in all areas of capacity expansion, we’re able to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique situation. 

Arup is renowned for our expertise in regulatory compliance, planning, and environmental certification. Our meticulous project plans, detailing scope, milestones, and timelines, stay flexible through phased or modular approaches. And our Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) team ensures coordination of construction, installation and other factors aligned to the client’s needs.

New technologies and an optimised supply chain are important to capacity expansion, particularly when transitioning from small to large-scale production. Arup’s seamless technology transfer and data-driven supply chain analysis can ensure efficiency and stability when undertaking such transformative projects. 

Two other key elements of expansion projects are risk management and financial considerations. Arup’s consultants control costs from the business case to handover, and identify and mitigate potential challenges with comprehensive planning.