We understand how networks work – and we help authorities to design easy-to-understand, high frequency networks of services. We understand the trade-offs between patronage or coverage – that is, to operate an optimal number of high frequency services and low frequency feeders, rather than provide a larger number of low frequency services going ‘everywhere’.

Defining the user experience

We conduct public surveys and interviews to understand the community’s travel needs and challenges, aware that efficient connections to employment, leisure and residential areas are key to any system’s adoption and ridership. This enables us to design a joined-up and coordinated network of bus services with convenient transfer arrangements – supported by excellent passenger information and ticketing systems.

Governance and policy

Buses are just one user group on our roads. We help define organisational change and policy initiatives (including demand management, parking and road user pricing) that will support widespread use of bus networks. We advise on governance and policy that can enable a coordinated approach to bus network operations, on-street infrastructure, ticketing, information, branding and customer care.