Our goal is to help clients to identify how to serve a more complex mix of users, from families to freight drivers and from pedestrians and cyclists to electric vehicle users. 

Securing funding

We help clients to define a planning approach that will secure funding. Our plans provide an integrated definition of the value that can be achieved and build confidence in a proposal’s overall viability and strategic case. 

Preliminary feasibility studies

At the feasibility stage, Arup supports clients with a full multidisciplinary service, comprising the economic case, traffic modelling, as well as the physical engineering, geotechnical and structural needs of a proposed city road scheme. Our insights lead to a stronger, better supported business case. 

Community engagement

City road networks are always an issue of great public interest. Although public consultation requirements vary from country to country, we believe they always strengthen a project’s likelihood of long-term success. We carry out targeted engagement with those directly affected by roads, using these insights to shape and define the project’s form. We also offer visualisation and virtual engagement services, to help educate the whole community about a proposal. 

Reconnecting segregated communities

Historically, many urban road networks were developed without regard for marginalised communities, creating physical division and exposing certain groups to poorer air quality. Arup plans scheme redevelopments with the aim of addressing these inequities and reconnecting communities within an urban area, strengthening social cohesion.

More about our work reconnecting communities in the USA.