Whether it is to ease congestion, make roads safer, create more space for multimodal travel or build more reliable connectivity for a growing or changing community, our road and transport planners bring clarity to these evolving networks. We conduct network studies, looking at which parts of the existing or missing network need most attention. This gives our clients a firmer basis and programme for road investment and development decisions. 

Planning at scale

We undertake masterplanning at national road network level. By using the latest digital tools to look at changes in traffic demand and road users’ behaviour, we help clients develop strategies which are user-focused, appropriate to their aspirations for level of service and within the boundaries of their budget.

At the heart of our planning ethos is consideration for the impact of the road network on the surrounding environment. We worked with National Highways to go beyond typical scheme mitigation measures alongside the development of the A30 in Cornwall. Our landscape planners took a regenerative land management approach to the Keyn Glas project, seeking to restore habitats and historical landscapes while increasing biodiversity of the land surrounding the road.